How to Market a Kent Wedding Tipi Hire Company Online

Kent Wedding Tipi

Does your company offer clients expertly designed, high-quality wedding tipis for various events? Do you use only the strongest canvas that can withstand all kinds of environmental conditions? These fantastic facts don’t matter unless clients have a way of learning about the advantages.

Online marketing provides the simplest and most effective opportunities for reaching a targeted audience and turning these prospects into actual clients.

Doing digital marketing costs 62 per cent less than utilising traditional channels like TV or print promotion. Furthermore, 78 per cent of internet users do online research before opting for a product or service provider.

Reaching these people online is possible in a couple of ways. Here are a few of the best digital promotional strategies Kent wedding tipi hire companies can start employing now.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a comprehensive approach that ensures your website’s top position among search engine results for relevant keywords. SEO can be done in a number of ways – through the creation of quality website content, online reputation establishment, website design, outreach campaigns and many others.

Having quality content on your website that is niche and relevant will usually rank as the number one SEO approach.

Wedding Tipi KentSEO matters for several reasons. Statistics show that the first five results on the Google page get 67.6 per cent of the search traffic. If your content appears on the second page of search results, the chances are that very few people will see what you have to offer.

Also, 88 per cent of internet users will call a product or service provider within 24 hours of carrying out an online search. These are people already interested in your services, which is why reaching them via a Google search makes so much sense.

Social Media Marketing

If your Kent wedding tipi hire company isn’t represented on social media, it’s missing a huge opportunity to connect with people who are once again interested in the services.

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn provide excellent possibilities for both B2B and B2C promotion.

Doing social marketing can be very affordable. You don’t need to opt for paid ads. Building a community is a much better idea that will deliver long-lasting results. Social media make it possible for prospects to connect with brands in informal settings and have their questions answered. This is why your responsiveness on social media channels is very, very important.

Video Promotion

Video is gaining a lot of popularity, and its results in the realm of marketing surpass those of text-based content.

Your wedding tipis could be presented thoroughly and in an engaging way when you create video content. There’s no need for buying professional equipment or hiring a camera crew. A great idea is much more important than the equipment used (many videos that have gone viral did get shot on a smartphone camera).

According to the latest Google stats, YouTube videos reach more people in the 18 to 49 age group than all cable TV networks combined. Video generates 66 per cent more qualified leads than other marketing formats per year, and eight out of 10 people confirm buying a product after watching a video about it.

Visual information is easier to process than text. This is why it creates more memorable and powerful messages. Video marketing is also very versatile and can be used alongside other promotional techniques like social media marketing and website content creation.

Online promotion makes sense for all Kent wedding tipi hire companies, whether they’ve just started a business or they’ve been around for a while. There are many approaches and formats to explore. Usually, a multi-channel digital approach is the best one, bound to deliver the highest return on investment (ROI) over time.